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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the MSC page of extra photos, a collection of images above and beyond those that have appeared in recent issues of Modern Steel Construction. 


Steel Shots

A gallery celebrating the visual experience of steel.


A Sampler from the Work of Duane Ellifritt

A supplement to the article “Creating Art in Unlikely Places,” published in the October 2011 issue of MSC, offering samples of Ellifritt’s painting, both standard watercolors and fore-edge; writing; and his Steel Sculpture.


IDEAS2 2011 - photos of award-winning steel structures

A collection of photo galleries from the winning entries in AISC’s 2011 IDEAS2 program.


JJ’s Texas - a special part of the world see through a photographer’s eyes

A collection of Jennifer Jernigan’s favorite photos of some things that aren’t steel.


How to Build and Use a Kayak - additional photos from Northwest Indiana

A photo collection showing the construction of Ken Stelter’s cedar strip kayak, and a few outings as well.


On Location - more photos from one volunteer’s trip to Sierra Leone

A collection of photos from Hollie Noveletsky showcasing her volunteer experiences.


Converting the Ottawa St. Power Station into the Accident Insurance Fund HQ

A gallery of erecting a new steel frame inside the historic Ottawa Street Power Station in Lansing, Mich.


The “Cool” Treehouse - more upper level views from the Morris Arboretum

A steel-framed walkway through the treetops offers great perspectives on the structure as well as the foliage. 


The “Cool” Stairway - additional photos from NYC

Cantilevered steel stair treads at a swank new Manhattan retail outlet - how did they do that?


The “Cool” Climber - more images from the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

It’s not a word often used to describe structural steel projects, but the Schuff-Perini Climber clearly says “Fun!”


Solutions Take Shape - photos from the 2010 National Student Steel Bridge Competition finals

Teams from 46 colleges and universities were in the final round of competition held May 28-29, 2010, on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.


Rivets, Rivets Everywhere - photos from the Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse, which today is the company’s visitor center, was built from 1902-1904 in Dublin, Ireland. It was the first multi-story steel frame structure in the British Isles and remains a legacy of quality craftsmanship. 


An Irish Bridge - a pictorial profile of the Samuel Beckett Bridge

Opened in December 2009, the Samuel Beckett Bridge resembles an Irish harp lying across the River Liffey in downtown Dublin, Ireland.


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