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Steel Shots: Student Steel Bridge Competition Season Opens in Texas
Posted by Alison Trost on January 21, 2011 at 10:17 AM.

ssb_texas.jpgThe University of Texas - Austin’s entry in the AISC/ASCE Student Steel Bridge Competition uses full-spectrum color coding to simplify construction. Here team members prepare to compete in the first regional competition of the 2011 season. Photo by Nancy Gavlin.


Nine teams from Texas and four from Mexico met at Texas Tech University on January 15 to compete in the first regional Student Steel Bridge Competition of 2011.


This year’s design requirements for a cantilever span and smaller individual member dimensions and deflection limits than recent years have required students to rethink their design philosophies. At Texas Tech this resulted in a challenging competition with a visually interesting and diverse array of bridges. It is refreshing to observe the effort, ingenuity and character displayed by all of the students who participate in the Student Steel Bridge competition. The best way to grasp the exciting atmosphere is to attend a competition, and with 17 more competitions to come and the National Competition, there are many opportunities to attend.

Upcoming 2011 Student Steel Bridge Competitions


March 19

  University of North Dakota


March 26

  California State University, Los Angeles

  Mississippi State University

  Tennessee Tech University


April 2

  United States Air Force Academy

  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

  University of Michigan             

  University of Alaska, Anchorage       


April 16

  North Carolina State University

  Fairleigh Dickinson University         

  Drexel University               

  California State University, Sacramento  

  University of Akron                

  West Virginia University             


April 30

  Kansas State University         

  University Laval               

  L’Ecole de Technologies Superienure       


May 20-21 National Finals

  Texas A&M University   


For more information about the Student Steel Bridge Competition see Or to find out about the regional competitions click here.


To read about the 2010 competition click here. For a gallery of photos from the 2010 national finals at Purdue University click here.

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