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Shankar Nair on Steel Profiles Podcast No. 2
Posted by Tasha Weiss on January 10, 2011 at 10:10 AM.

The second episode of AISC’s Steel Profiles features an 18-minute interview with incoming Specification Committee chair Shankar Nair, Ph.D., S.E., a principal and senior vice president of Teng & Associates, Inc., Chicago. In a career that has focused on structural engineering for large architectural and civil engineering projects, Nair has designed the structural systems of many skyscrapers and many major bridges including structures for Interstate highways over the Mississippi River. To listen to his views on the structural steel industry and what it’s like being the newly elected Specification Committee chair, click here.

Steel Profiles podcasts are now available on iTunes! For easy listening on the go, follow these few simple steps:

1. Click on the iTunes button at to go directly to the podcasts on iTunes and play/download them for free. If you don’t have iTunes as your media player, don’t fret. You can download it for free at and set up your free account.

2. You can also easily search for Steel Profiles podcasts in the iTunes Store by typing in “Steel Profiles” in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Once you’ve downloaded the podcasts to your iTunes account, they can be transferred onto any portable MP3 player.

3. Want to save time by having all future Steel Profiles podcasts automatically downloaded to your iTunes account each month for free? It’s as easy as clicking on the Subscribe button when you’re in the AISC Podcast Series in iTunes.

AISC podcasts are also available for downloading and easy online streaming at They can simply be played without having to do any installing.

Happy listening!

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