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Steel Shots: Seismic Brace Passes University Test
Posted by Alison Trost on January 7, 2011 at 10:19 AM.


A new yielding brace system ready for testing at a University of Toronto research facility. Photo: University of Toronto.


A proprietary yielding brace system (YBS) designed to absorb seismic energy and protect the steel frame in which it is installed successfully underwent its third full-scale test in late November at the University of Toronto. The device, dubbed the Scorpion, looks like a giant wrench and consists of a toothed high-performance steel casting connected to a standard brace member. The casting’s yield force, elastic stiffness, displacement capabilities, ductility, and post-peak strengthening can all be independently tuned with this unique bracing system, which is being commercialized by Toronto-based Cast Connex Corporation.


For the University of Toronto test, the brace system was  installed in a full-scale one-story steel frame, laid horizontally, where it was subjected to a half-million pounds of force. Watch a 40-second video of the test.


Read more about the system on the Cast Connex website by clicking here.


Development of the YBS has been part of doctoral student Michael Gray’s research, under the supervision of faculty members Constantin Christopoulos and Jeffrey Packer. Learn more on the university website by clicking here.

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