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Steel Shots: January Preview
Posted by Alison Trost on December 24, 2010 at 11:04 AM.


The roots of Modern Steel Construction magazine go back to 1930, when AISC launched Aminsteel News to keep members informed about the fledgling organization’s work. By 1938, it had morphed into The Steel Constructor, which included association news and technical updates. By 1944, it was supplanted by Steel Construction Digest, a newsletter with a reach extending for the first time beyond the association’s membership. Then…


In 1961 Modern Steel Construction was born. For the next half century, MSC chronicled the growth of the fabricated structural steel industry. Whether it was the first North American use of high-strength steel or the industry shift to A992, MSC illustrated the trends in steel design and construction through thousands of pages of project profiles, technical reports, and new product information.


In its January 2011 issue, MSC takes a look back over five decades of industry progress, presenting a timeline of notable events. Be sure to check back on January 1 to view the electronic version of the magazine.

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