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Five tips on how to find federal clients for your firm
Posted by Scott Melnick on December 6, 2007 at 9:16 AM.

If your A/E firm is new to the federal marketplace, begin by researching the agencies listed on the Federal Business Opportunities web site (, the single point-of-entry for nearly all federal government procurement opportunities. Visit each agency’s web site to learn more about its mission and scope of responsibility, identifying those that might be a good strategic match for your firm. The following are a few tips to help you conduct federal market research:


  1. Read the material on a federal agency’s web site thoroughly. Identify key personnel, offices, installations, programs, and budgets.
  2. Search for and study the agency’s procurement and operations forecast. Most federal web sites will have a page devoted to doing business with the agency.
  3. Obtain a copy of the agency’s long-range acquisition forecast. While it is no guarantee of future projects, it is an excellent indicator of the agency’s goals and priorities.
  4. Read as many of the federal agency’s current and archived FedBizOpps solicitations and award notices as possible. This will help you understand their mission and identify other A/E firms they have worked with.
  5. Get acquainted with government and government-focused web sites that provide access to statutes, regulations, government-sponsored professional/technical research publications, and other useful references.


The preceding was excerpted from Insider’s Guide to SF330 Preparation, ZweigWhite’s guide to SF330 and the federal procurement of architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental design services. Whether your A/E firm is new to SF330 and the federal marketplace, or is looking to improve its visibility among federal agency selection committees, this best-selling guide can help. After all, the more your A/E firm knows about SF330, the more federal agency contracts your firm will win.

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