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Steel Shots: November Preview
Posted by Alison Trost on October 29, 2010 at 9:52 AM.


The above images show steel at the beginning and ending stages of the galvanizing process. These photos were taken during the 2010 North Texas Integrated SteelDay Tour. For more images from this and other 2010 SteelDay events click here


Be sure to check out the November issue of MSC when it goes live on Monday which includes field reports from SteelDay 2010, a new “green” music facility, a “stacked and rotated” convention center and more. 


As a bonus and preview all rolled into one, here’s an additional SteelDay report by one of AISC’s newest staff members.


Seeing It All in North Texas


The North Texas Integrated SteelDay Tour’s promotional materials promised an event where guests would “Learn How the Pieces Fit Together.” With guided tours through a structural steel mill, service center, fabricator and galvanizing facility, the event certainly delivered on its commitment to provide a satisfying educational experience.


However, this SteelDay event did more than piece together different aspects of the steel process. SteelDay brought together the people who are the steel industry. From industry experts such as the people who work in the various operations sites, to the engineers, architects, and construction professionals, to those unfamiliar with the steel industry such as myself (a new addition to AISC’s marketing department), and university students, SteelDay offered a unique opportunity for those of all experiences and backgrounds to understand the many facets of the industry.


Outfitted from head to toe in safety gear, the facility tours were eye-opening experiences to say the least. I had been warned by industry veterans about the high temperatures and extreme noise generated from these facilities, yet I was still surprised by the unannounced booms and intense heat within the steel mill. The experiences of seeing the steel beams coated in zinc in the galvanizing facility, and observing steel being processed beneath me at the steel mill were particularly impressive. I could not believe that tour participants we were in such close proximity to these processes, and occasionally found myself holding up the line as I took in the sights and sounds of the facilities.


Although I consider myself brand new to the steel industry, I was not the only one asking questions of the experts who guided our tours. Many of the architects, engineers, and university students who also joined the SteelDay tour had never been inside operationing facilities before, and this experience granted them an opportunity to visualize the processes many of them had previously only heard about.


I ended the day speaking with a retired engineer who related how important it is for students, construction professionals, engineers, architects, and steel operation facility employees to come together and take part in this event. Judging by the level of engagement and excitement I witnessed from those around me, I am confident that his sentiments were shared by the hundreds who participated in the tour. Not only in north Texas, but across the United States, SteelDay is truly impacting the way those who work with steel come together to interact, learn, and build.


Maria Blood, AISC Marketing Coordinator




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