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Steel Shots: Learn 2010
Posted by Alison Trost on October 15, 2010 at 8:10 AM.


Learn: An inspector uses a stopwatch to measure the welding speed per single pass of a new weld procedure. The photo was taken in Herrick Corporation’s Stockton, Calif., shop. Photo: Jiun-Wei Lai.


AISC has a multi-faceted mission, but one of the big areas of interest is education.


AISC’s University Programs includes contests, such as the Student Steel Bridge Competition; financial support in the form of scholarships, grants, and fellowships; lecture series; presentations; and other educational tools such as the steel sculpture and discounts on informational publications. For more infomration on University Programs visit the AISC Faculty and Student page


AISC also offers continuing education events including Seminars, Steel Camps, eLearning, and Live Webinars. To find an event that’s just right for you, click on the above links.



The Steel Shot above is the second photo in a series of three submitted for the Student Photo Contest held in conjunction with SteelDay. The contestants submit a series of three photos that demonstrate the SteelDay theme of “Interact. Learn. Build.” The 2010 winner, Jiun-Wei Lai is pursuing his doctorate at University of California Berkeley.


Lai is working toward his doctorate in structural engineering with a focus on earthquake engineering, which he expects to complete in 2011. His current research, which is being carried out under a National Science Foundation grant, is in the field of concentrically braced steel frames. For more information, visit


To see Lai’s first photo, depicting “Interact,” click here.


For more information on 2010 SteelDay events please visit where you can view photos, videos, and more.


A gallery of previously posted Steel Shots is available at

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