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Steel Shots: Extra!
Posted by Tom Klemens on July 19, 2010 at 1:37 PM.



As if there weren’t enough Monday morning distractions already, today we’re looking down on the set of Michael Bay’s new movie. (Click to see the scene above in context.)


This doesn’t have anything to do with structural steel fabrication, but we thought you might enjoy seeing it anyway. Filming for the movie Transformers 3 was under way this morning in Chicago just a block east of the AISC offices. Honestly, when I first heard the noise, I thought someone had dropped a huge muffler and was dragging it down Wacker Drive. But a look out the window cleared up that misconception. It looks like a war zone in front of Hotel 71.


One clear indication that they’re about to start filming: flames start erupting from the piles of charred autos. (And then there’s that muffler-dragging sound again.) A couple of times that was followed by the arrival of a surprisingly quiet helicopter overhead, and the appearance of skydivers dropping with amazing precision between the high-rise buildings. I can hardly wait to see how it all turns out.




(Click on the small photo for a larger version.)


To read about the filming over the weekend just across the bridge (including a video clip), check out Chicago Tribune columnist Luis Arroyave’s post here.



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