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Steel Shots: Steel In Nature
Posted by Tom Klemens on July 16, 2010 at 2:41 PM.



The view from below: A steel walkway 50 ft above the forest floor enables visitors to experience the treetops in a whole new way at Out on a Limb, the elaborate tree canopy walk at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. It includes two expanses of netting that sag intentionally to create “wading pools in the sky,” inviting visitors to sit on the edges and dangle their feet or jump in and roll around. Photo: Paul Warchol. (Click photo to see the view from above.)


Designed by Philadelphia-based Metcalfe Architecture & Design, this 450-ft aerial walkway at the Morris Arboretum purposefully uses steel for both its form and function. In addition to providing a light and open look, prefabricaton of the structural steel off the premises minimized site and tree disturbance.


The project will be featured in the August 2010 issue of Modern Steel Construction, available online August 1.


To learn more about Out on a Limb, go to


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