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Welding Poster Now Available
Posted by on September 28, 2007 at 11:54 AM.

Continuing its educational outreach efforts, Hobart Brothers now offers “Welding Types and Positions,” the second in a series of electrode technical posters.


The newly available poster shows the five types of welds and the 12 welding positions with clear and easy-to-understand diagrams, including descriptions and corresponding welding terminology.


The “Types of Welds” section covers fillet, plug (slot), arc seam (spot), groove, and surfacing welds. The Welding Positions section covers everything from 1F through 4F in the fillet weld configuration and 1G through 6G in the groove weld configuration.


Both this poster and the first in the series, covering tensile and impact strength, are also available in Spanish.


To request a free copy of Hobart Brothers’ Welding Types and Positions technical information poster, call Database Solutions at 888.462.2789 or e-mail

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