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Steel Shots: Uh-oh!
Posted by Alison Trost on July 9, 2010 at 10:36 AM.

 Steel Shots: Uh-oh!

Steel is a pretty good material for barriers, like fences and gates that are designed to keep people honest and/or safe. Of course, smaller creatures sometimes require some kind of additional restraint, such as the small policeman standing on the other side. Photo by Jacinda Collins.


Occasionally we forget just how much steel is out there. A sizeable amount gets covered up as buildings are closed in with curtain walls, and as interior spaces are sprayed with fireproofing and sheathed with drywall. But bridge girders and railroad tracks, architecturally exposed beams and columns, and loads of “miscellaneous steel” items remain, right in front of our noses, reminding us of the large role steel plays in American life. Sometimes, however, the artist’s touch helps us see what’s out there in a different light.


Tom Otterson’s public art graces a number U.S. cities, including the New York Transit Authority’s station at 14th Street and 8th Avenue. To see more, visit the galleries on his his website at


Thanks to Jacinda Collins of the AISC Steel Solutions Center for snapping this photo on a spring visit to the Big Apple.

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