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Steel Shots: Rivets, Art and Function
Posted by Alison Trost on April 9, 2010 at 8:49 AM.

Steel Shots: Art and Function found in Rivets

Is it functional or decorative? Often the answer is both. “For me, it’s all about ‘the look’,” writes 21st century riveter Steve Howell on his website. “The look of how things were built to last. From ship’s hulls to bridges to skyscrapers, riveted connections made a good deal of the 20th century possible.”


Riveted steel structures are all around us. The decorative example shown above is just one of the practical applications of rivets in our world today. This time-honored way of making structural steel connections has largely been replaced by welding techniques. However, the Ballard Forge website offers examples of the continued practicality of riveting today. Also check out the embedded videos: hydraulic hot riveting and the one-man rivet gang. (Or, go straight to the videos on YouTube – and

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