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Steel Shots: Campus Sculptures
Posted by Alison Trost on March 19, 2010 at 3:35 PM.

Steel Shots: Campus Sculptures

This steel sculpture on the campus of the University of Colorado Denver, gives students a true visual understanding of steel framing and steel connections.


Originally created by Duane Ellifritt, professor emeritus from the University of Florida, the AISC Steel Sculpture was designed to be a visual teaching aid that shows a variety of members and connections. It consists of 25 steel members, 43 connection elements, more than 26 weld groups, and more than 144 individual bolts.


These sculptures are located on 130+ campuses across the U.S., and most have been donated by local fabricators.


To see if a school near you has a steel sculpture, see the list in the Faculty and Students section of the AISC website.


AISC will be happy to provide the plans for the sculpture to anyone interested in building a sculpture. E-mail Shanna Quinn to receive a copy.


To see more of the sculptures at various schools, visit the AISC Education flickr page or the American Institute of Steel Construction facebook album.

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