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Steel Construction by Hand
Posted by Alison Trost on March 9, 2010 at 10:37 AM.

Preserving a historic property in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, was the only viable option for creating a new multi-family town home. In order to keep its existing 5,000-sq.-ft footprint, the structure needed to be a renovation. If the developer chose to demolish and rebuild, zoning requirements would shrink the new building size by half.

The project was also in tight quarters and did not allow for heavy machinery to assist in the renovation. Therefore most of the structural steel skeleton was installed by hand.

Current building codes posed a second obstacle – meeting newer seismic requirements. The solution was to place the entire building on jacks so a new foundation could be could be put into place that would support new steel columns and beams.

The job took about five months to complete by hand, but in the end the historic heritage school is now one of the sturdier buildings in town.

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