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Steel Shots: First B2 Module Hoisted
Posted by Tasha Weiss on December 20, 2013 at 10:08 AM.


The first steel-framed modular unit (weighing 15 tons) for Brooklyn’s B2 high-rise residential tower is hoisted into place. The B2 tower sits next to the steel-framed Barclays Center, one of this year’s AISC IDEAS2 Awards winners, at Atlantic Yards. Photo: FCS Modular


The first steel-framed modular units of Brooklyn’s B2 tower — planned to be the tallest modular building in the world when it’s completed late next year — were hoisted into place last week.


The building schedule called for the placement of three adjacent “mods,” which together will compose a single apartment. The mods were built by union labor affiliated with the New York Building and Construction Trade Council, BCTC. Mods are built fully assembled, including kitchens, bathrooms and appliances, then trucked to the construction site and hoisted by crane and bolted into place.


At 32 stories, B2 will be the world’s tallest modular high-rise building and is one of 15 buildings planned at the $4.9 billion, 22-acre Atlantic Yards site. The structure will be comprised of 4,000 sq. ft of retail space as well as 362 residential units of which almost 50% will be priced as affordable housing for low-to-middle-income residents.


Banker Steel (an AISC member/AISC certified fabricator), the steel fabricator for the project, expanded one if its Lynchburg, Va. facilities earlier this year by an additional 45,000 sq. ft to create a purpose-built workshop solely dedicated to the fabrication of these modules. It is estimated that B2 will weigh almost half as much as a traditional steel building, cost 30% less to build and take significantly less time to complete, according to Banker Steel. In addition to requiring less labor, material and erection time, this process will be safer, cause minimal disruption to the surrounding neighborhoods during construction and be environmentally friendly — estimated to reduce construction-site waste by as much as 90%.

“The immense precision and detail that we’ve put into engineering and building these modules has created a universal concept that will allow high-rise buildings to be completed in a time frame unrealized by conventional methods,” said Don Banker, CEO and owner of Banker Steel. “This design concept, exemplified by the B2 Towers, will ultimately change how we view and build residential and commercial buildings.”


B2 was designed by SHoP Architects and Arup. FCRC and Skanska USA have partnered to create a new company called FC + Skanska Modular, LLC to build the modular components in a new 100,000 sq.-ft space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


You can watch a video (courtesy of FCS Modular) of the first steel-framed modular unit being hoisted into place at To learn more about the project, visit AISC’s B2 webpage at

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