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Reminder: NBIMS-US V3 Ballot Submissions Due August 19
Posted by Tasha Weiss on August 9, 2013 at 2:14 PM.

There are less than two weeks left to submit proposed revisions and standards for inclusion in the National BIM Standard – United States (NBIMS-US). The Ballot Submission Period for NBIMS-US Version 3 ends August 19, 2013. You can view the schedule on the National BIM Standard website (


To view a sampling of ballots that have been submitted to the NBIMS-US Project Committee or are currently in the pipeline, see the buildingSMART alliance’s press release.


Since NBIMS Version 1- Part 1 was first released in 2007, the content of the standard has evolved. The current edition, NBIMS-US Version 2, is a consensus-based standard that includes reference standards, information exchange standards (which are built upon the reference standards) and best practice guidelines to support users in their implementation of non-proprietary BIM standards-based deliverables.


Not only is NBIMS-US Version 2 the BIM standard used here in the U.S., but applicable portions of the standard also serve as the basis of a number of other countries’ BIM standards, including South Korea and the United Kingdom.


Therefore, the submitted ballots, if approved by the Project Committee, could potentially impact millions of people in facilities being built around the world.


NBIMS Project Committee members can download ballots.


Individuals and organizations that are not yet NBIMS-US members can learn how to get involved. (Only members can submit ballots and vote on changes to the standard.)






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