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New AISC Design Guide: Blast Resistant Structures
Posted by Tasha Weiss on July 3, 2013 at 2:21 PM.

dg26-cover.jpgDesign professionals now have a valuable new resource on blast resistant structures in AISC Design Guide No. 26, Design of Blast Resistant Structures, co-authored by Ramon Gilsanz of Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP, Ronald Hamburger of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc., Darrell Barker of ABS Consulting, Joseph L. Smith of Applied Research Associates, Inc., and Ahmad Rahimian of WSP Cantor Seinuk. The publication provides guidance for the design of blast resistant structures and progressive collapse mitigation and is available in hard copy or as a PDF download at


“The purpose of this guide is to disseminate knowledge of blast resistance and progressive collapse mitigation to the structural engineering community, presenting basic theory with design examples so engineers can achieve simple and effective designs,” said Gilsanz, lead author of Design Guide No. 26.


The Design Guide explores an approach that will help a structural engineer to effectively interact with a security or blast consultant. Background information and some basic principles are reviewed, as well as the presentation of design examples.


Major topics covered in the guide include blast loading, design criteria for buildings and where to find it, structural response to blast loads, blast resistant design and analysis and resistance to progressive collapse.


Design Guide No. 26 is available as a free PDF download to AISC members and at a price of $60 for non-members (visit to download Design Guide No. 26 and all AISC Design Guides electronically). The printed copy is available at or by calling 800.644.2400 (product code: AISC 826-13); the cost for the printed copy is $40 for AISC members and $80 for non-members.

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