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Steel Shots: Going Big in Ohio
Posted by Tasha Weiss on May 20, 2013 at 11:39 AM.


The largest project in Ohio DOT history replaces an historic Cleveland crossing - the Interstate 90 Innerbelt Bridge - with a new delta girder bridge. The above photo shows a perspective of the “knuckle” portion of a delta girder at AISC member fabricator High Steel Structures’ shop. The new westbound portion of the bridge under construction will use 20,000 tons of structural steel in all. Photo: Courtesy of High Steel Structures


Interstate 90 provides major east-west access over the Cuyahoga River and through downtown Cleveland via what has become a functionally obsolete 1959 deck truss, thanks to a nearly 40% increase in vehicular traffic. Originally designed to carry a maximum of 100,000 vehicles daily, it now handles more than 138,000 cars a day.


When it came time to replace the historic structure, citizens were asked to vote on three steel alternatives: a cable arch scheme; a design with the deck supported on a series of slender, parallel beams spanning from pier to pier; and a delta girder scheme (the latter won). According to Dave Lastovka, project manager for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the design is intended to complement Cleveland’s historic collection of steel river bridges while honoring steel’s role in the region’s economy.


At $640 million, which includes $79.4 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, replacing the I-90 Innerbelt Bridge is the largest single infrastructure investment in ODOT history. And because the project is so large, ODOT broke it into two: a westbound bridge, which is under construction, and an eastbound bridge, scheduled to begin later this year.


The design-build team of Walsh Construction and HNTB Corporation (the latter also designed the original Innerbelt Bridge) was awarded the westbound bridge contract in September 2010.


The June issue of MSC (available June 1) will feature additional photos and detailed information about the Interstate 90 Innerbelt Bridge replacement project; stay tuned!

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