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AISC Design Guide, Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings, Now Available
Posted by Kim Miller on May 5, 2009 at 9:47 AM.

Design professionals now have a valuable new resource on constructability: AISC Design Guide No. 23, Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings, by David Ruby, P.E., chairman of Ruby + Associates. The publication addresses constructability as a design concept that takes advantage of steel materials, fabrication, and installation expertise early in the design phase.


“I consider this Design Guide to be both the culmination of past lessons learned and the catapult to the future relevance of our profession,” said Ruby. “The Design Guide details what we have learned over the past several decades in all aspects of design and construction. It is a guide that brings together voices of the steel industry and identifies the different disciplines, tradespeople, and skill sets required to make a project succeed with this philosophy. I am an ardent believer in the value of constructability: the integration of the design and construction processes aimed at maximizing simplicity, economy, and speed of construction.


“With the design community and construction industry facing intense economic pressure, the focus will be on the bottom line,” continued Ruby. “All members of the construction team will be under increased pressure to complete projects faster and more efficiently. We’ll be called upon to thoroughly understand holistic project issues and ask the right questions that positively impact overall project objectives. By focusing on constructability, our clients can count on us to make their projects not only possible, but more economical.”


The Design Guide highlights constructability as a design philosophy that helps position the structural engineering profession as an evolutionary asset to the client and construction community. It encourages the streamlining of the planning, design, and construction sequence using concept development, design/BIM (building information modeling), and construction processes. The publication covers specific areas such as: early involvement, the design process, issues related to the structural steel framing, detailing and fabrication, steel erection, and special constructability issues (e.g., anchorage to concrete, camber, and tolerances).


“This Design Guide explores an approach that will help all parties to a contract—owners, designers, constructors, everybody,” said Charles J. Carter, AISC vice president and chief structural engineer. “It highlights the benefits of early involvement and a team-based approach, where the constructability of the project is the guiding motivation for design and construction decisions. It shows how constructability can result in more creative and relevant solutions that bring enhanced value to clients.”


Design Guide No. 23 is available as a free download to AISC members from and at a price of $60 for nonmembers. An ePubs subscription is part of AISC’s member benefits packages and includes access to more than 10,000 pages of AISC publications in electronic format. AISC also provides freePubs for all of its website visitors. The freePubs section comprises AISC’s technical resources, such as specifications and codes, as well as MSC articles.

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