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Gerdau Employees Win at Global Steel Competition
Posted by Tasha Weiss on March 4, 2013 at 6:37 PM.

Richard Zhang and Kyle Cormier, both employees of Gerdau (an AISC member), were named industry champions for the North America region and won second place overall in the World Steel Association’s 7th annual Virtual Steelmaking Challenge, which took place late last month in Brussels, Belgium. 


“On behalf of the Gerdau team, congratulations to the participants for a job well done,” said Guilherme C. Gerdau Johannpeter, president of Gerdau’s North American long steel division.


Along with two teammates from Brazil, Zhang and Cormier competed with more than 1,000 teams to earn a spot in the competition. Their task was to refine an order of construction steel grade, which is used in earth-moving equipment. Contestants were allotted two-and-a-half hours to produce the requested steel at minimum cost, and the Gerdau team computed a final cost of $29.51 per ton.


Alexey Mordashov, chairman of the World Steel Association and chief executive officer of Severstal JSC, presented the trophies and certificates to the winners. “I am delighted to meet ‘the next generation of Bessemers’ here today,” said Mordashov. “The future of the steel industry lies in the areas of innovation and high-technology development, which will be driven forward by the winners today. The steel industry offers great career opportunities for those who wish to help society to meet its future sustainability challenges.”



Photo: Zhang and Cormier, pictured with Mordashov, during the Grand Final of the 7th Virtual Steelmaking Challenge, organized by the World Steel Association. Credit: Bernal Revert







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