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Engineering Journal Celebrates 50 Years of Publication
Posted by Tasha Weiss on February 19, 2013 at 6:00 PM.

ej_501.jpgAISC’s Engineering Journal, the premier U.S. technical journal for structural steel construction, celebrates its 50th year of publication this year!  


AISC started EJ in 1964 as a means of communicating practical technical information to its membership. The first issue included articles from the great minds of Lev Zetlin (steel cables used to create “structural space systems”), T.R. Higgins (the then-new concept of effective length factors for columns) and Ted Galambos (lateral support to prevent sidesway buckling).


Over the years EJ has expanded in scope to include coverage of contemporary steel research, but it continues to provide practical technical information reviewed by industry peers.


The first quarter 2013 issue of EJ is now available. You can view, print and share the current digital edition online by clicking here.


Papers in EJ Q1 include:


  • Calculation of Stress Trajectories Using Fracture Mechanics by Bo Dowswell
  • Overview of the Development of Design Recommendations for Eccentrically Braced Frame Links with Built-Up Box Sections by Jeffrey W. Berman and Michel Bruneau
  • A Comparison between the 2005 and 2010 AISC Specification by Eric J. Bolin, Thomas J. Dehlin and Louis F. Geschwindner


Article searches for the complete collection of EJ remain available at Downloads of current and past articles in PDF format are free to AISC members and ePubs subscribers. Non-AISC members may subscribe to Engineering Journal at AISC’s website, here.


Is there a steel design topic that you would like to see addressed in more detail? EJ is always looking for your ideas. E-mail them to Keith Grubb, Editor, at

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