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Fast-Track Railroad Bridge Replacements
Posted by Tasha Weiss on November 7, 2012 at 4:14 PM.

Two century-old railroad bridges located on East/West Stonington Harbor, Stonington, Conn., a critical link along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, were replaced late last year with new steel spans that were rolled into place over the course of a single weekend.


connecticut-bridge-replacement-copy.jpgA new video by bridge engineering firm Modjeski and Masters, titled “The Fast Track: Rolling-In A Lasting Impression,” profiles the accelerated bridge construction techniques used to complete the bridge replacements, resulting in minimal disruption to Amtrak’s high-speed rail services and extra vertical clearance for watercraft vessels.


With more than 200 trains traveling the Northeast Corridor every week–nearly half of Amtrak’s nationwide ridership–it was critical to minimize any traffic disruptions. Furthermore, after discussions with local stakeholders, it was determined that the original bridge clearance was not great enough to facilitate the free flow of boats to and from nearby marinas. The railway consists of two ballasted tracks on the same alignment located on a causeway, with low clearance over harbor channels, approximately 800 ft apart.


Modjeski and Masters created the designs, which provided an additional two ft of clearance, and laid the groundwork for a quick transition. Working closely with Amtrak and Cianbro, the bridge contractor, the teams erected 1,200 tons of structural steel for the new bridge superstructures on roll-in falsework adjacent to the existing bridges.


You can watch the video of the entire replacement project at

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