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SteelDay is Just Around the Corner
Posted by Tasha Weiss on September 10, 2012 at 3:58 PM.

steelday2012_aisc_logo.jpgThe structural steel industry’s fourth annual SteelDay is Friday, September 28! Have you made your plans yet? If you haven’t registered for an event, there’s still time!


Visit to find and register for a free event in your area. This year’s national event is expected to be celebrated at almost 170 locations around the country and, once again, offers free educational and networking opportunities for the design and construction community and the public.


Here is what you can expect to see at some of this year’s events:


  • Structural steel fabricators: Learn how structural steel is prepared for a building or bridge using offsite, controlled conditions, which ensures a consistently high-quality product while reducing errors and costly fixes at the jobsite. Also see why most steel fabricators use 3D models/BIM to streamline production and increase efficiency.
  • Steel mills/producers: Steel is the most recycled material on earth, and today’s modern mills produce steel containing an average of 90% recycled content. Witness steel recycling capabilities and procedures at scrap metal recycling and steel production facilities, and develop an understanding of rolling schedules and steel availability.
  • Steel service centers: See what thousands of tons of steel looks like! And learn about the crucial role these facilities play in the industry.
  • HSS producers: Watch the fascinating process of manufacturing top-quality hollow structural sections (HSS), and learn about shape availability.
  • Bender-rollers: Curved steel doesn’t just happen; precision instruments and experts are responsible for these increasingly popular architectural and structural elements. Observe the very specialized and skilled process of bending and rolling steel shapes.
  • Galvanizers: View the hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) process from material staging through zinc dipping, which provides steel with a protective coating against corrosion.


In addition to connecting the design and construction community with local structural steel experts across the country, this year’s SteelDay also offers special events in major cities including New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Boston.


SteelDay also engages local dignitaries and government officials who recognize the structural steel industry’s contributions to the nation’s architecture and economy, its continuing progress and the dedication of everyone involved. In recognition of this year’s SteelDay, government proclamations have been signed in the states of Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and West Virginia.


Click here to watch AISC’s SteelDay video on YouTube that shows highlights from previous years’ events and gives a glimpse of what you can expect to see this year.


For additional information on SteelDay and to find out what’s happening in your area, visit

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