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New Document Management System
Posted by Tasha Weiss on August 27, 2012 at 5:41 PM.

Innovating Solutions LLC, an IT consulting and mobile app development company for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones introduces Innodocx, a new document management system that provides users with a secure, private Web cloud and the ability to remotely access and share files and shop drawings with the use of mobile apps and Web browsers.


Innodocx users can access their server’s existing file management structure to work with and share files remotely through Web browsers on laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. The system also provides a centralized file repository with an administrator control point, so only users that have been granted access can view the files, and only the system administrator can add or modify files on the server.


a183ed_8075ae33713ff7e24032aa6cccf31886_srz_540_300_75_22_050_120_000_png_srz.pngFor more information about Innodocx, visit


Photo: Construction professionals can mark up drawings on the Innodocx’s iPhone/iPad app and email them from within the app.

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