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Help Us Help You: The LinkedIn Conversation
Posted by Tasha Weiss on July 6, 2012 at 1:13 PM.

Victoria Cservenyak, AISC’s digital content editor, posted this question last week on AISC’s LinkedIn group page: “In five words or less, describe the one thing that would most accelerate construction projects.”


Here are some of the responses she received:

  •     Architects, engineers complete on time — Bill Oliver
  •     DRWGS checked for “Constructability” — Billy Lee
  •     Global integrated software…I use this form — Ailton Ripamonte
  •     Better matched architectural structural drawings – Ron Polito
  •     A more knowledgeable client up front! — David W. Anderson
  •     Proper planning, design and people! – Jerry Gorospe
  •     Communication — William Lupher
  •     Board displaying work under progress — Ashok Jain
  •     Minimize changes during construction — Jim Benson
  •     Planning and follow through of all the critical team members. Planning cannot be overemphasized – John Garrison
  •     Effective, insightful and continuous communication — Darrell Badger
  •     Material availability, people and proper checking — Faisal Habib Marwat
  •     Small project teams, communications, client – Alexandre Silva
  •     Admit errors, move forward — Josh Poynter
  •     Compelled communication and ready responsiveness — Ronnie Medlock
  •     Healthy buyer, select a team with one mission, listen to marching orders, integrated project delivery — Viji Kuruvilla


As you can see, social media platforms such as LinkedIn provide an opportunity for us in the industry to instantly connect and engage with each other and share ideas.


AISC’s LinkedIn page is just another way you can keep in touch with AISC and help us create effective services and programs based on your feedback. (You can also find us on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, or visit our own file sharing site, And, of course, you’ll always find the latest AISC information and resources at


Victoria will be posting these types of industry questions to AISC’s LinkedIn group page every Friday. Keep an eye out for the next one today — and join the conversation! If you’re currently not using LinkedIn and are interested in joining, it’s easy (and free!). Simply register at and create your profile. To join AISC’s group page, search for AISC in “Groups,” and request to join.


To contact Victoria directly, you can email her at

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