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AISC Recognizes Outstanding Achievements
Posted by MSC on December 3, 2008 at 5:19 PM.

AISC’s Lifetime Achievement and Special Achievement Awards were presented at the 2008 AISC Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, Colo., held September 11-13.


AISC’s Lifetime Achievement Award honors living individuals who have made a difference in the structural steel industry’s success. This year’s award was presented to Bill Liddy and Bert Cooper.


Bill Liddy spent nearly 60 years in the steel industry, first promoting structural steel for the mills, then as a regional engineer with AISC, and finally as an advisor in the AISC Steel Solutions Center. He worked closely with the fabrication industry, especially in the Midwest, and was very respected by both the fabrication and design community. He also acted as a mentor for younger staff at AISC. Sadly, Bill passed away in October (see pg. 17).

Bert Cooper is a long-time contributor to the structural steel industry as both an AISC board member and as the owner of a leading fabrication firm, W&W/AFCO Steel. He’s contributed substantial time and financial resources to support steel industry research activities.


AISC’s Special Achievement Award gives special recognition to individuals who demonstrated notable singular or multiple achievements in structural steel design, construction, research or education. This award honors living individuals who have made a positive and substantial impact on the structural steel design and construction industry. The 2008 Special Achievement Award was presented to William W. Brown and Joseph J. Hunt.


Brown is the president of Ben Hur Construction Co. and Hunt is the general president of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers. They were awarded this year’s Special Achievement Award for their work in developing and nurturing I.M.P.A.C.T., which is a labor/management partnership designed to bring together local unions and their signatory contractors to address mutual problems and create solutions to those problems.


For more information on AISC’s Individual Awards and past recipients, please visit

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