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New and Improved Digital Steel Construction Manual
Posted by Tasha Weiss on April 3, 2012 at 3:37 PM.

When the digital edition of the latest AISC Steel Construction Manual was introduced last year, it proved to be a great alternative to carrying around the nearly 4-lb hardcover book. You could view the entire 14th Edition Manual, print out sections, copy and paste from the PDF file and search for keywords. And now it’s even better!


In response to user feedback, AISC has developed a new version of the digital Manual that offers all of the following improved features:ipad_table_sitn.jpg

  • The ability to load the file on more than one computer (for example, your desktop and your laptop). In all, the digital manual can be downloaded for use by one individual on up to six devices.   
  • The option to enable bookmarks.
  • A more robust navigation tool (a table of contents).
  • The ability to use it on a tablet (including the iPad and Android tablets, and Galaxy Tab 10.1).


To obtain the new digital manual, visit and purchase the digital edition of 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual. The download instructions are very specific; we recommend you read them carefully!

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