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Thermal Bridging Addressed in New Free Resource
Posted by Tasha Weiss on March 20, 2012 at 1:08 PM.

Reducing energy usage in buildings has become one of the most widespread goals in the construction industry. While efforts in this area are typically focused on the mechanical, electrical and glazing systems and not the structural system, one area where structural designers can reduce energy consumption is thermal bridging–the loss of building energy via thermal conductivity of elements that “bridge” across the insulation of a wall or roof enclosure of a conditioned (i.e., heated or cooled) space when the outside temperature is warmer or colder than the interior space.


The joint Structural Engineering Institute (SEI)/AISC Thermal Steel Bridging Task Committee, in conjunction with the SEI Sustainability Committee’s Thermal Bridging Working Group, have produced a free resource, “Thermal Bridging Solutions: Minimizing Structural Steel’s Impact on Building Envelope Energy Transfer.” This document addresses thermal bridging issues in steel-framed structures and lists various solutions that can currently be evaluated and implemented.


The document is a supplement to the March 2012 issue of MSC and is available for free at You can learn more about the work of the Task Committee and other sustainability-related topics at and

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