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The Next-Gen Bungee Cord
Posted by Tom Klemens on February 13, 2012 at 10:52 AM.

lr-1.jpgYou may not need this every day in the office, but where was it last weekend when you were trying to tie down the ladder on your luggage rack? And actually, who couldn’t think of a dozen more uses for the LoopRope?


It saves time - especially when securing unwieldy objects - and also increases safety. No more snap back when your bungee cord hook slips free and (whiz!) watch out there, Lucy! Military grade S-type stainless steel LoopClips with gates ensure positive attachment and also allow you attach LoopRopes end to end without worrying about their coming apart.


All kidding aside, the company website’s safety page offers a link to a chilling four-page “Bungee Cord Safety Analysis” which reports on laboratory measurments of “hook speed.” Did you know that if you stretch a 36-in. bungee cord an additional 18 in. then let go of the hook, it will snap back at about 45 mph or faster? That’s something to avoid, and this product can help by providing better connections.


Simple concept, cool tool. Here’s a link to a two-minute YouTube video overview:


For more information or to buy online, go to


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