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Facade Attachment Guide Now Available
Posted by MSC on October 13, 2008 at 3:44 PM.

Design Guide 22: Façade Attachments to Steel-Framed Buildings, by James C. Parker, P.E., is now available. This new AISC design guide addresses the design of façade attachments to steel-framed buildings.  


“Structural engineers will find this to be a practical resource when designing the interface between the façade system and a steel structure,” says Cynthia Duncan, AISC’s director of engineering. The objective of the design guide, according to the Introduction, is to “assist the practicing engineer in achieving economical slab edge details for steel frames that are structurally sound, durable, and accommodating of the performance requirements of the particular façade system.”


Façade system fundamentals are discussed, along with building performance issues that influence attachment design. The details of various façade systems are exemplified, including masonry cavity wall systems with concrete-block or steel-stud back-up, precast concrete wall panels, aluminum curtain walls with glass and/or metal panels, glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels and other lightweight panels, and exterior insulation-and-finish-system panels. Design examples for the various systems are also provided. 


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