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Munich West: Peddinghaus Brings Oktoberfest to Illinois
Posted by MSC on September 5, 2008 at 1:53 PM.

Peddinghaus Corporation will be opening the doors to its Bradley, Ill. facilities this September 24-27 for Oktoberfest 2008. Oktoberfest has long been a tradition of Peddinghaus’ celebration of innovations in technology as well as industry partnerships from around the world. The event will bring together professionals from every corner of the globe to discuss what matters most to their company and the businesses they are involved in. Oktoberfest is a recurring event hosted by Peddinghaus in which the company revisits its German roots while offering industry professionals fulfilling and meaningful experiences. There will be nearly 20 Peddinghaus machines on display, operated by the engineers and production staff who created them.  


Attendees will experience hospitality the Peddinghaus way through:


  • Networking with global fabricators in a relaxed environment      
  • Witnessing the unveiling of four new machines      
  • Meeting industry leaders in steel fabrication at the onsite trade fair       
  • Touring our new production facility   
  • Discussing market trends with industry experts
  • Visiting Chicago—the home of steel construction and the world’s first skyscrapers       
  • Meeting the entire Peddinghaus team: engineering, customer service, production—everybody who serves them


Current customers, new business, and people interested in improving their processes are welcome to join us for four days of food, fun, and fabrication. Oktoberfest will come to a rousing grand finale provided by the Peddinghaus team sure to be memorable. The events will last all day, every day.  Join us as we continue our Oktoberfest tradition!


For more information, visit and click on the Oktoberfest link on the top right-hand corner of the page.

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