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Steel Shots: Bridge Deja vu
Posted by Tom Klemens on October 28, 2011 at 11:38 AM.


Completed in March 2011, the North Umpqua River (Brown) Bridge in Douglas County, Ore., replaced a severely deteriorated seven-span cast-in-place concrete bridge. The photo of the completed bridge bears a remarkable resemblance to the artist’s rendering that appeared in the December 2010 MSC article about the project. Photo (and rendering): OBEC Consulting Engineers.


Graphical presentations play an important role in the early stages of many construction projects. Good graphics help both those who are paying for, and those who will be affected by, construction projects visualize the anticipated results. Above is just one example of how effectively an artist’s rendering skillfully overlaid on a photograph of the existing site can provide such a glimpse of the future.


Because the North Umpqua River (Brown) Bridge in Douglas County, Ore., has such high visibility, its owner (Douglas County) requested that the replacement for the deteriorated 1957-vintage structure be visually appealing. In response, Eugene, Ore.-based OBEC Consulting Engineers designed this graceful weathering steel bridge to include aesthetic features such as haunched girders and arched piers.


Details of the project were presented in the article “New Spans Over Two Oregon Rivers” in the December 2010 issue of MSC. The article is available at, or by clicking here.


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