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AISC’s New Interoperability Strategy to Move Construction Industry Forward
Posted by Tasha Weiss on October 17, 2011 at 11:04 AM.

What is the ultimate goal of interoperability? Enter project information once and it will be available and usable to every project team member across any software platform used, saving time and money and improving communication and collaboration. What may sound like an unreachable goal is something AISC is working to bring to reality by developing a three-step interoperability strategy to evaluate data exchanges and integrate structural steel information into buildingSMART’s Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), an open and neutral data exchange format that covers multiple disciplines across the construction industry.


This new strategy maintains AISC and the structural steel industry’s leadership in interoperability and ensures that data related to structural steel can be exchanged up and down the supply chain and with other disciplines and trades. Although IFC has yet to address some details of a building’s life cycle, and does not yet cover the depth of data that CIS/2 encompasses, the IFC schema aspires to cover every aspect of design, procurement, manufacture and assembly, and operations and maintenance.


Acknowledging that raising IFC to the level required by the structural steel industry will take time, AISC has adopted a three-part strategy, outlined as follows:

  • Short term: Ensure model data can be exchanged as needed by the structural steel industry, regardless of the nature of the exchange or format used.
  • Medium term: Promote IFC and make the format more accessible and understood by working with buildingSMART, other trade organizations, academia and subject experts.
  • Long term: Facilitate the development and implementation of IFC to satisfy the needs of the structural steel industry.


View AISC’s press release to learn more, available at


Look out for an article in the November issue of MSC where AISC’s Chris Moor discusses the evolution of interoperability, AISC’s new strategy and how it will affect those in the industry.


For more information about interoperability and AISC’s involvement, visit Or contact Chris Moor at 813.401.1594,

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