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Engineering Journal Q3 Now Online
Posted by Tasha Weiss on September 29, 2011 at 9:28 AM.

The Third Quarter 2011 issue of Engineering Journal is now available online in digital edition format. View the current issue online at


Papers in Engineering Journal Q3 include:

  • “Hybrid Moment-Resisting Steel Frames,” by Finley A. Charney and Ozgur Atlayan.
  • “Lightly Damped Moment-Resisting Steel Frames: A Design-Based Approach,” by Ozgur Atlayan and Finley A. Charney.
  • “Design of Steel Buildings for Earthquake and Stability by Application of ASCE 7 and AISC 360,” by Shankar Nair, James O. Malley and John D. Hooper.
  • “Current Steel Structures Research No. 27,” by Reidar Bjorhovde.

 And a special focus on Non-Building Structures:

  • “Seismic Design and Response of Crane-Supporting and Heavy
    Industrial Steel Structures,” by Julien Richard, Sanda Koboevic and
    Robert Tremblay.
  • “Design of Braced Frames in Open Buildings for Wind Loading,” by W. Lee Shoemaker, Gregory A. Kopp, and Jon Galsworthy

Each quarterly current issue of EJ is available in digital format and free to the public until the next issue is published.


The complete collection of Engineering Journal articles is searchable at Downloads of current and past articles in PDF format are free to AISC members and ePubs subscribers; just make sure you are logged into the AISC website ( before searching. Non-members will be directed to the AISC Bookstore at to purchase article downloads.

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