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Steel Shots: Happy SteelDay 2011!
Posted by Tasha Weiss on September 23, 2011 at 7:56 AM.



Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez (back middle) lends a hand to students from Howard University, participants in the 2011 AISC/ASCE Student Steel Bridge Competition. The students assembled and displayed their scaled steel bridge in a mock race against Virginia Tech as part of yesterday’s pre-SteelDay transportation and engineering event at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. Click on the photo to see a group shot of Mendez (middle) with both teams and Andrew Herrmann, incoming president of the American Society of Civil Engineers (far right).


Today marks the structural steel industry’s third annual SteelDay and more than 200 events are taking place throughout the country to celebrate. Over the past two years, SteelDay has proven to be a huge success with thousands of people participating. This year is expected to draw in even more attendees as architects, engineers, contractors, students and others take the day to visit a structural steel facility, attend a learning presentation or a networking event.


SteelDay 2011 kicked off yesterday with a few pre-SteelDay events around the country, including a special event at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. Dozens of attendees learned about innovative bridge technologies as well current issues surrounding the nation’s infrastructure and job creation. Speakers included Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez, Brian Raff of the National Steel Bridge Alliance, Lawrence Kavanagh, president of the Steel Market Development Institute, and Andrew Herrmann, incoming president of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


FHWA partnered with NSBA for this event to highlight both their “Every Day Counts” and “Highway For Life” initiatives. “Every Day Counts” is designed to identify and deploy innovation aimed at shortening project delivery, enhancing the safety of U.S. roadways and protecting the environment, while Highways for LIFE (HfL) aims to advance longer–lasting highway infrastructure using innovations to accomplish the fast construction of efficient and safe highways and bridges.


SteelDay 2011 in DC

At the event, student teams from Howard University and Virginia Tech, participants in the 2011 ASCE/AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition, assembled and displayed their modular bridges in a mock race for guests to see, illustrating Accelerated Bridge Construction and the importance of engineering education and training. The annual Student Steel Bridge competition brings together the next generation of structural engineers to demonstrate their skills in steel design, steel fabrication, and teamwork in building scaled designed and fabricated bridges.



To find out more about what’s happening around the country for SteelDay, visit If you’re attending an event, share your SteelDay experience by submitting a video to AISC to be featured on the “SteelDay TV” channel on YouTube at You’ll also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an iPad 2. For more information go to



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