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Steel Shots: Missouri Slider
Posted by Tasha Weiss on September 2, 2011 at 9:14 AM.


A bridge replacement that carries westbound I-44 over the Gasconade River was slid laterally more than 40 ft, using a hydraulic skidding system, and positioned on the reconstructed bents in less than twelve hours. The time lapse images show the preparations before the bridge move, half-way through the bridge move, and the final replacement of the bridge. Photos: MoDOT


Halfway between St. Louis and Springfield, Mo., I-44 crosses the scenic Gasconade River along the northern border of Mark Twain National Forest. Built in 1955, prior to even the earliest portions of the Interstate Highway system, the bridge carrying the westbound lanes experienced considerable deck deterioration in recent years. As a result, Missouri Department of Transportation scheduled for replacement in early 2011. The project included total replacement of the superstructure and repairs to the existing bent caps.


Completely removing and replacing the bridge required a closure of less than 20 days. Once the replacement bridge was constructed, traffic was shifted temporarily to the eastbound span, while the existing westbound bridge was demolished and repairs were performed on the existing substructure. Once the repairs were complete, the replacement bridge was slid into place in less than 12 hours.


Learn more about the project in the article, “Sliding Bridge Speeds Delivery” in the September issue of MSC, available now. (click on the digital edition to your right for the entire issue!)

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