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Autodesk Launches Project Storm for Structural Analysis in the Cloud
Posted by Tom Klemens on August 30, 2011 at 12:30 PM.

Autodesk today launched its Project Storm, which enables Revit Structure users to perform cloud-based structural analysis, for public use. The application is offered online as a Technology Preview through Autodesk Labs. As with other online “labs” offerings, this allows the company to offer fully functional technologies that work with their other products but have not yet been incorporated into a standard commercial package. It also provides an excellent channel for user feedback on usability and applications.


Results of structural analysis in the cloud with Project Storm. Click for larger image.

Using Project Storm, Revit users can perform static analysis on BIM models that is done “in the cloud,” which is to say, not in the local computing environment. In addition to freeing up local computing resources, it also give users the benefit of using the same analysis engine that powers Autodesk’s Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2012. Check it out at, under Technology Previews.


Also, look under It’s Alive in the Lab for commentary from Autodesk’s Scott Sheppard on this and other offerings.


Warning: The are a bunch of other interesting Technology Previews on the list, too, so you may get distracted.

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