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Why Steel?
Posted by Geoff Weisenberger on May 22, 2008 at 10:20 AM.

In a continuing effort to answer this seemingly simple question, AISC has recently launched a specialized web site as part of its industry mobilization program. Created exclusively for the structural steel industry, is a controlled-access web site; visitors must join the site to access its content.


Users of the new site are not necessarily members of AISC; they just have to be part of the structural steel industry. The site provides access to educational articles, newsletters, discussion forums, and tools that the industry can use to learn about and promote structural steel.


Perhaps most importantly, it provides the steel industry with reasons why any project should be built with steel and includes hints, tips, and ideas for convincing those in the design and development community that “There’s always a solution in steel.”


Some of the sections of include:


  • Industry Mobilization. Find out how you can help your industry—and why you should. You’ll also find hints and tips to get started and answers to frequently asked questions. Get started in helping your industry be even stronger than it is today.
  • Structural Steel Benefits. Learn about the advantages and benefits of building with steel. One area of this section is devoted to understanding the benefits of steel as it relates to different types of projects, enabling you to talk sensibly to the local design community about steel and provide them with handouts and case studies of specific project types.
  • Education/Learning. Access talking points about the industry and learn about the other players in the steel supply chain. Gain an understanding of terms and terminology, and increase your knowledge of steel’s competition.

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