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Steel Shots: A Memorial Beam
Posted by Tom Klemens on August 5, 2011 at 10:07 AM.


A flag-draped steel beam from the World Trade Center arrives in Indianapolis. This and and a second beam will be the focal points of the Indianapolis 9/11 Memorial being erected beside the White River Canal at 421 West Ohio St. Photos: Indiana Steel Fabricating, Inc.


Two 22-ft-long steel beam sections from the World Trade Center are well on their way to anchoring a new memorial in Indianapolis that will be dedicated on September 11, the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York. Greg Hess, an Indianapolis firefighter and paramedic, initiated the campaign 18 months ago to establish the memorial. He and his colleagues in Indiana Task Force 1, a FEMA search and rescue team, spent eight grueling days laboring alongside other rescue workers in New York following the collapse of the towers.


As the beams left the hangar at JFK Airport in New York and traveled to Indiana they were accompanied by a sizable motorcade. Reports documenting the trip include estimates that there were at times more than 11,000 riders stretching over 50 miles. For one look at photos and video of the procession, visit, the website of an Indiana motorcyclists club.  


AISC member Indiana Steel Fabricating, Inc., Indianapolis, received the beams on July 18 and installed  the necessary base plate assemblies. The beams will be erected as two columns at the memorial. A life-size bronze American Bald Eagle will sit atop one of them with its wings outstretched and looking toward New York. 



The thumbnail photo (right) shows the two World Trade Center beams with base plates in place leaving the Indiana Steel Fabricating facility. (Click on thumbnail to view a larger image)


The beams will be on display at the Indiana State Fair beginning today through August 19. The fair opens today at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds on the north side of the city.


You can see a rendering of the artist’s intent on the project website, A video clip of the July 21 groundbreaking as reported by WISH-TV is also available on the website (select “In the News.”)

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