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Crowd Effects and Fabricated Structural Steel?
Posted by Tom Klemens on June 16, 2011 at 8:45 AM.

Stunning 3D game quality graphics make MassMotion a highly effective visual communication tool easily understood by even the non-technical decision makers involved in large scale planning. OK, maybe it’s a stretch to post this information under the “Steel in the News” banner. But it’s just so doggone cool and we don’t have another convenient outlet to share this with you, so sit back and enjoy. If nothing else, click in the image to see a video clip of the program output and ponder that for awhile.




Developed by Arup, the design, planning and engineering firm, the new MassMotion software from Oasys precisely predicts pedestrian movement of crowds of hundreds of thousands of people with individual personalities and unique
agendas based on extensive human behavior research. More information is available at

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