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Steel Shots: Backgouging
Posted by Jennifer Jernigan on June 3, 2011 at 4:12 PM.


Backgouging in preparation for welding often is more visually dramatic (i.e., sparky) than the welding itself.


jj.jpgGouging is a process where you remove steel instead of the opposite where you “weld-in” the steel. Gouging is frequently used in the shops to make full-penetration welds and also is used for removing faulty welds or welds that need to be redone. When it is done from on the back of a weld, it is called backgounging. (Click to see a little sketch of what full-penetration welding entails in case you’re not  that familiar with it. I’m a visual person and it usually helps me to draw something out.) In our shops we have welding machines that when you flip a switch, they turn into gouging machines.


A plate blocks the view of the actual gouging process in this photo. That plate is referred to as a wind block. It blocks the wind from interrupting the process of heating up the steel and blowing it off, aka backgouging. The wind block is welded to a “skid” that is used to set the steel beam on and keep it raised off the ground. Even at this angle you can see that the man is wearing his grinding shield to protect his face from the steel that is flying off as it is being removed.


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