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New Mark Will Help Track HSS Sourcing
Posted by Tom Klemens on May 26, 2011 at 1:10 PM.

The Steel Tube Institute of North America (STINA) has launched an industry-wide Hollow Structural Section (HSS) product certification program. Called the STINA Certified Producer Program, it is designed to provide assurance that HSS identified with the Certified Producer’s Mark has been manufactured by producers who meet nationally recognized manufacturing standards, and who have passed the program’s audits and product testing.


The STINA Certified Producer Program is a voluntary program administered by Intertek and provides an identification mark for producers who pass the program’s audits and product tests.


Until now it has been nearly impossible to track the chain of supply of HSS, which may have been produced anywhere in the world and traveled through a series of distribution channels before reaching the project site. The Certified Producer Program creates a system to authenticate and certify the testing procedures and documentation that accompany the product, ensuring customers that the HSS they are specifying and buying has been made to the various standards that they are expecting.


The HSS certification process will include an engineering evaluation of each of the participating companies’ manufacturing locations and the testing of sample tubes that have been produced at the participating companies’ mills at Intertek’s Verification Center.


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