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Steel Shots: Lots O’ Innovation at The Steel Conference
Posted by Tasha Weiss on May 20, 2011 at 9:17 AM.


Last week’s NASCC in Pittsburgh offered plenty of new learning opportunities and interactive technologies for its 3,263 attendees. Whether you were a seasoned attendee (some told us they have more than 50 annual steel conferences under their belt), a first-timer, or a student looking to enter the industry, there was something new for everyone (even a new NASCC Mobile App!). The photo collage above shows some of the many highlights from the show (See below for more information about each photo).

A) 89 students participated in the new Student Program (p. 40 in the Final Program) at NASCC to explore career opportunities in structural engineering and learn practical tips on finding jobs and developing as leaders. They took a guided tour through the exhibit hall and could network one-on-one with industry experts from design and construction companies around North America in a special “Direct Connect” student session.


B) Attendees received a live demonstration of a Steelmax abrasive belt grinder at the company’s booth in the exhibit hall. The tool quickly and efficiently grinds and polishes metals to the required dimension on a large surface grinding table. (Although it may not appear this way in the photo, the machine operates at a low noise level).


C) Burlington Automation offered a live demonstration of a project fabricated using the PythonX, a structural steel fabrication system that uses automated 3D fabrication to process beams, channels, HSS, angle, plate and bar, in a single pass by the precision of the technology. (Notice the precision of the python shapes on the project).


D) Attendees stopped by the Lincoln Electric booth in the exhibit hall to try their hand at welding with the VRTEX 360, a virtual reality arc welding training tool where you slip on a modified welding helmet, pick up a welder, and experience the closest thing to being in the field. The combination of a realistic puddle simulation and arc welding sound—all tied to the welder’s movement—provides a realistic simulation of a hands-on experience (To get a feel for the experience, visit and search for VRTEX 360). You can even “see” sparks, slag, grinding and weld cooling!


Mark your calendar now for next year when the 2012 NASCC: The Steel Conference will be in Grapevine, Texas, from April 18-21.

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