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Steel Shots: Cherry Blossom Beauty
Posted by Tasha Weiss on April 8, 2011 at 9:20 AM.


The Cherry Blossom Palace’s shell is a three-dimensional structure made of slender interwoven steel components that form rhomboids, triangles, and pentagons, which make it behave like a dome. Its cladding is a continuous three-layer membrane which adapts to the initial geometry using differently sized tessellates, and the dome surface features seven drilled holes for the entrance of visitors, light, and views of the valley landscape. Click on the photo for a view from inside the shell. Photos: AMID.cero9 Cristina Diaz Moreno + Efren Garcia Grinda


It’s cherry blossom season, the two-week time period in early spring when cherry trees reach their peak blooming season and clouds of pink and white can be seen all over Washington D.C., among other places. More than a million people visit the city for the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which started on March 26 this year and runs through the end of this weekend.


Cherry tree blossoms are traditionally celebrated all over world, and a similar large local festivity in the Jerte Valley, Spain is what inspired a Spanish team of architects, AMID.cero9, to design the Cherry Blossom Palace structure. Blending in with its surroundings of cherry blossom trees in the valley, the flower-like dome structure was designed to highlight the intense bond with the landscape through its presence, position, volume, and material.


The Cherry Blossom Palace project won a 2010 CIDECT Award at last December’s International Symposium on Tubular Structures in Hong Kong, China. Xavier Aguilo I. Aran, from the University of Barcelona, Spain, took first place for the Design Award for his paper on the Cherry Blossom Palace project, which he was involved in as a structural consultant. You can download the paper from CIDECT’s website at, and view our previous Steel in the News post here for more information about the awards.

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