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A Conversation With Scott Melnick
Posted by Tasha Weiss on March 30, 2011 at 8:53 AM.

scottmelnick_headshot.jpgIt’s story time this month as AISC’s podcast series Steel Profiles presents an interview with Scott Melnick, AISC vice president and editor and publisher of MSC. Anyone who has been associated with AISC for any length of time is likely to have run into Melnick, but even if you think you know him well you’ll learn some very interesting things in listening to his discussion with series host Margaret Matthew.


For example, who has provided his greatest inspiration? (He singles out two people - playbutton_ed.pngone was Luther Burbank, after whom the city in California is named, but that’s not why. Listen to find out who was number two.)


Another example: what is his favorite article in MSC? Listen to this short excerpt to hear about one of his four favorites, then go to on April 1 to learn about the other three and hear the entire podcast.


Also in this podcast: a behind the scenes look at some of the nifty things to expect in May at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference, including an early announcement of one late-breaking addition to the program.


Listen to all the Steel Profiles podcasts available for free easy online streaming at, and for free downloading on iTunes. A new podcast can be found on the first Friday of each month. Happy listening!

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