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Steel Shots: Steel in the Treetops
Posted by Tasha Weiss on March 18, 2011 at 8:39 AM.


Munich-based architecture firm terrain:loenhart&mayr modeled their 80-foot-high observation tower in southern Austria after the steps of a nearby castle built in 1499. The Murturm Nature Observation Tower’s double-helix design provides a striking contrast to the surrounding woods and a place for hikers to observe the Mur River. (Click on the photo for a vantage point from within the tower.) Photos: Hubertus Hamm / Marc Lins, courtesy of terrain:loenhart&mayr


Naturschutzbund, the Austrian Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, asked Klaus Loenhart of terrain and his partner, Christoph Mayr, to create a place from which to observe the ecological restoration of the Mur River, according to an article in Architectural Record. The river forms part of the border known as the Iron Curtain that divided Europe for more than 40 years. Today these deserted areas taken over by nature have become the Central European Greenbelt. “This is one of the few points where you can actually see something,” Loenhart said. “You can understand where you are.”


Read more about the project and view a slide show by clicking here.

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