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Cherry Blossom Palace Wins CIDECT Award
Posted by Tasha Weiss on March 8, 2011 at 10:07 AM.

Xavier Aguilo I. Aran, from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and Tarana Haque, from the University of Toronto, Canada, were presented with CIDECT Awards at last December’s International Symposium on Tubular Structures in Hong Kong, China. They were honored after five students from around the world, who had won the preliminary competition, presented their work in the field of tubular structures and the audience then voted on the award for the first place in each category.


Aran took first place for the Design Award for his paper: Cherry Blossom Palace (Download Paper: 21-24X_Aguilo_i_ARAN–winner_design.pdf). The Design Award goes to the individual who uses HSS in a new, creative way.


Haque received the first prize for the Research Award for her work: Experimental Behaviour of Elliptical Hollow Section Welded X- and T-Joints (Download Paper: 30-37T_HAQUE-winner_reseach.pdf). The Research Award goes to the individual with extensive knowledge in the field of HSS. The 2008 winner in this category was Juan Carlo de Oliveira, also from the University of Toronto, Canada, whose winning entry has now been commercialized as Cast Connex. For more information go here and look back at our past Steel in the News post about the system.


ISTS is held every two years, and presents the latest research and design methodology for Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) sections. CIDECT presents two awards at each ISTS. For more information on the program, visit AISC’s education website.

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