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Dimension from Center of Bolt Hole to Edge of Plates or Clip Angles
Posted by vedanervA wen on April 6, 2013 at 9:26 AM. | 2 Comments »

After 25 years of designing structural steel & reinforced concrete, I find myself asking “so……why?”

 Why have I always used 1 ½” instead of the AISC recommended 1 ¼” ? 

Embarrassingly enough I will have to say “because this is what I was always taught to use.”  But that don’t make it right. "I hear a song in here somewhere…"

 I have a client who, I know, will scrutinize my upcoming design to the Nth degree.  If they see 1 ½” edge distances I will be asked why.  What rational, engineering reason would I have to use 1 ½” edge distances instead of 1 ¼”?  Other than it’s easier to read on a tape measure.  These are distances I will be showing on cap plate details, connection plate details, clip angle details, etc.  Btw, all of this steel will be galvanized.  This structure is comprised of a few monorails that will be extensions of existing monorails and will be connected (hung) from some existing roof framing steel, (roof steel is circa 1967 ). Thank you for all your help on this.