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Gas turbine to be seismically designed for dislocation
Posted by r venkat on July 18, 2012 at 3:21 PM. | No Comments »


I work in gas turbine dept.

we all know Gas turbine is basically anchored to the foundation and in my case, at the ground floor.

Now, to design the GT so that it does not dislocate bcoz of earthquake, if i am not wrong, I should actually design the supports.


I would like to know in which category the below case falls.

case: GT bolted to foundation at ground floor - need to be seismically designed for dislocation only… i am not worried abt the structural integrity of GT.


As per code books:

Buliding structures

Non Building structures similar to buildings

Non Building structures not similar to buildings

Non Structural  components.


Again, I am stressing at the point that i would like design the mentioned case only for disclocation, not for structural..

I will be grateful if detail explanation with reasoning given